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The Academy of Arts Education: Mission Statement


The Akademie der Kulturellen Bildung des Bundes und des Landes NRW (Academy of Arts Education of the German Government and State of North Rine-Westphalia), established in 1958, is the central institute of arts education for children and young people in the Federal Republic of Germany and the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia. In its capacity as a continuous training academy for experts of youth, social, education and cultural work it is a recognised institution for children and young people’s development and qualifies in the entire spectrum of arts education subjects.

Music, rhythm, dance, theatre, play, literature, fine arts, media, general arts education and social psychology and consulting – it is the only institution in Germany that offers further and continuous training in all these technical disciplines as well as a series of multi-disciplinary courses. Its differentiated offering consists of courses, long-term continuous training and qualification, seminars and workshops.

The Academy of Arts Education has a qualified expertise in theorising, policy counselling and concept development at its disposal. Research and evaluation are part of its services as much as analysis of educational and social cross-cutting issues. It exerts influence on the development of new job descriptions and fields of work in arts education and is an active contributor to the extracurricular arts education landscape.


Interdisciplinary in arts and education

The professional width of its offering allows to operate interdisciplinary laboratories and cooperation between different artistic disciplines, which creates new content-related and methodical approaches for many professions and fields of work.

Sustainability as a basic principle

The Academy of Arts Education signifies sustainable further and continuous training: intensive counselling, long-term programmes and possibilities for exchange between experts generate intensive processes of professionalization. Networks of multipliers facilitate practical transfer and counselling beyond the duration of a training course.

Focus on personal development

The Academy of Arts Education contributes to enabling children and young people to have multi-faceted and stimulating experience in the field of arts education. In addition to professional contents, the focus is primarily on professional attitudes based on a subject-oriented understanding of education. Consequently, the further and continuous training courses have an impact on participants’ personal development.

Strengthen professionalism

The Academy of Arts Education provides continuous training that is substantiated by theory, practically relevant and action-oriented. Its offering is characterised by high quality standards in the artistic and educational fields. A connection between theorising and professional practice forms the basis. Multiple- phase continuous training courses make it possible for participants to explore and reflect on the contents and methods learned in their own practical work.

Diversity and inclusion

The Academy of Arts Education wants to convey a positive understanding of cultural diversity. Using concepts, methods and practical examples, it shows ways to use heterogeneous resources in arts education and actively practice inclusion. Its primary cause is equal participation in education processes for all people.

Target groups and living environments as point of origin

The concepts and methods are oriented towards young people’s living environments and take into account changing overall conditions and interests. Accordingly, social changes are evaluated with view to their importance for arts education.


The Academy of Arts Education understands participation as an essential fundamental principle of education for further and continuous training concepts as well as the contents and methods imparted. Participation in the sense of participating in decision-making processes is an important design element for the organisation on the whole.



A permanent team of department managers ensures a high level of professionalism in the different professional disciplines. Training participants benefit from their remarkable artistic and educational expertise as well as extensive experience. In addition, a great number of visiting lecturers and experts enhance the educational offering and the professional discourse.

Ambience and atmosphere

From dance studio to workshop and meeting room: the well-equipped location provides an ideal setting for practical and artistic work. Excellent general conditions regarding artistic materials and in-house catering ensure a stress-free and focused time in an extraordinary ambience. In addition, the Academy of Arts Education is situated in a scenic region right in the heart of the Bergische Land offering an ideal setting for intensive further training!

Range of activity from local to global

The Academy of Arts Education’s professional activities are on a regional, State and national as well as international level. Thus, the AkademieRegio programme is dedicated to networking activities on a local level. On an international level, the Academy of Arts Education in its capacity as national observatory under the auspices of Germany’s UNESCO Commission supports the establishment of a European arts education network.


The Academy of Arts Education is a member of a comprehensive network of institutions and persons in the field of arts education. It is a supporter of the Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendfilmzentrum (kjf) and the information centre “Kulturelle Bildung in Schule und Jugendarbeit NRW“ (Arts education in schools and youth work North Rhine Westphalia) and a centre of important arts education associations and organisations as well as the founder of numerous multiplier networks.