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Arts education institutions at the Academy of Arts Education

In its capacity as a national and regional institute, the Academy of Arts Education is the centre or legal entity of various institutions and associations. We would like to briefly introduce some of them.

German Centre for Youth and Children’s Films (KJF)

The German Centre for Youth and Children’s Films (Deutsches Kinder- und Jugendfilmzentrum, KJF) was established in 1977. It is part of the Academy of Arts Education. On behalf of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, which acts as a sponsor, it organises nationwide projects and activities in the areas of film, photography, video and multimedia.

On a national level, the KJF cooperates with institutions of children and youth work, ministries and associations. On an international level, it represents the Federal Republic of Germany in relevant organisations such as the International Centre of Films for Children and Young People (CIFEJ).

Website: www.kjf.de

Information Centre "Kulturelle Bildung in Schule und Jugendarbeit NRW"

Since 1 April 2009, the Academy of Arts Education has been the legal entity of the regional information centre “Kulturelle Bildung in Schule und Jugendarbeit NRW“. This is a joint information centre of the Ministry of School and Further Education North Rhine Westphalia and the Ministry of Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sports North Rhine Westphalia.

The responsibilities of the department for arts education in schools and youth work North Rhine Westphalia includes, among others, intensified networking of the manifold arts education initiatives in North Rhine Westphalia, communicating qualified practice and optimising the conditions for arts education in schools and youth work. The resultant network of providers and sponsors of schools and youth work is to harmonise and further develop the arts education offering.

Website: www.kulturellebildung-nrw.de

Federal Association of Cultural Youth Education (BKJ)

The Federal Association of Cultural Youth Education (Bundesvereinigung Kulturelle Kinder- und Jugendbildung, BKJ) is the umbrella organisation of arts education for children and young people in Germany.

It is an association of 56 institutions, professional and regional associations of arts education for children and young people that operate on a nationwide level. They represent disciplines such as music, play, theatre, dance, rhythm, graphic design, literature, museums, media, circus and further training in arts education.

BKJ represents the youth, education and cultural policy interests of arts education. It operates on a regional, national and international level. It provides professional and conceptual guidance to its members. It encourages exchange of information and experience and provides practical impetus with its model projects.

Website: www.bkj.de

Institute for Education and Culture (ibk)

The Institute for Education and Culture (Institut für Bildung und Kultur e.V., ibk) in Remscheid was established at The Academy of Arts Education in 1984 as a centre for research and model development.

ibk strengthens and promotes cultural participation and arts education for all generations with its projects and deals with the effects of social change on culture.

One of the focal areas of work of ibk is the demographic change and its impact on culture as well as the potential and opportunities of arts education in later life and in inter-generational dialogue. For this purpose, kubia, a competence centre for culture and education in later life was established at ibk in 2008.

Website: Institut für Bildung und Kultur

State Working Group Music - North Rhine Westphalia

In the practical field of cultural youth work, the State Working Group Music - North Rhine Westphalia (Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Musik NRW) organises manifold regional projects within a broad range of programmes together with its member organisations and regional district working groups. Playing music becomes an adventure, a platform for new activities and presentation formats. Mass musical education complements the spectrum of informal, intercultural and experimental learning.

The work of the Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Musik NRW features a wide range of programmes and to a great extent contributes to the integration of children and young people from different social milieus through its offering. The projects implemented by LAG Musik NRW time and again pursue innovative approaches and provide new impetus in local musical youth work.

Website: LAGMusik.de

German Dance Federation (DBT)

The German Dance Federation (Deutsche Bundesverband Tanz e. V., DBT) is the umbrella organisation for amateur and popular dance in Germany. It represents the entire range of the phenomenon of dance: from folk dance, to historical dance and modern dance, Jazz, Hip Hop and contemporary dance. It has been offering between 600 to 900 national events every year through qualified dance instructors and educators.

Website: Deutscher Bundesverband Tanz (DBT)

State Working Group Dance - North Rhine Westphalia

The objective of the State Working Group Dance - North Rhine Westphalia (LAG Tanz NRW) is to convey the medium of dance at its possibilities and opportunities. It has been involved in the development of NRW’s cultural dance scene for over 60 years. Its activities are manifold and situated all over North Rhine Westphalia, cooperating with many arts and cultural institutions, arts education, schools, event managers and clubs.

LAG Tanz NRW is a recognised private youth work agency in line with §75/SGB VIII and a member of Landesvereinigung Kulturelle Jugendarbeit (LKJ), Bundesverband Tanz in Schulen (Federation Dance in Schools), and German Dance Federation (DBT). Its members are persons, clubs and institutions that want to promote dance as a widespread cultural phenomenon.

Website: www.lag-tanz-nrw.de