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Create, stay in touch and extend -the Academy's networks

The Academy of Arts Education organises its cooperation with graduates of its qualification programmes and other experts from the same disciplines in several networks. These create a win-win situation as the Academy is able to stay in touch with the practical field of arts education and the graduates, both male and female, continue to be involved in an expert discourse and are able to profit from the expert community around the Academy. The networks create an effective organisational basis for continued deliberations among colleagues initiated by the Academy's further training programmes. As the networks make it possible to stay in touch through regular meetings and events, they provide a good platform where joint initiatives and projects can be coordinated easily.


At present, the Academy's networks include:

European Network of Observatories (ENO)

Netzwerk Kultur und Inklusion (culture and inclusion)

Netzwerk Spielpädagogik (play therapy)

Netzwerk Erzählen (storytelling),

Netzwerk Literaturpädagogik (literature education),

Netz der RegionalpartnerInnen (Network of regional partners).