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Diversity-conscious Arts Education

Diversity caused by migration has become normal in our society. The diversity approach regards this as an opportunity for society. However, dealing with heterogeneous groups requires special sensitivity and mediation concepts, in particular in the context of aesthetic issues.

The further training concept "Diversity-conscious Arts Education" is designed to help reflect one's own attitude and to treat diversity more consciously in education. At the same time, using artistic and aesthetic means to experience diversity could also provide starting points for our own practice.

The training is directed at arts and cultural protagonists from all creative disciplines as well as multipliers who become qualified educators and would like to work or already work in arts education. Unfortunately, full-time teachers cannot be sponsored.

In the sense of a participatory workshop, the training is tailored to and further developed with participants. During a three-week course, they learn professional and methodical principles. Thus, they obtain skills for their own educational work through involvement of guest speakers and presentation of best practise examples. At the same time, they are expected to develop ways of artistic-aesthetic expression and explore them in a practical project.

Phases of reflection give participants an opportunity to directly discuss their experience and challenges. The concept is further developed and, if possible, established on the basis of a supervising evaluation by the university partner Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität.