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Education & training at the Academy of Arts Education

The further training programme of the Academy of Arts Education features different event formats:


In most cases, 5 days, conferences, congresses, seminars, laboratories. These are self-contained and generally single-phase events.

Interdisciplinary programmes:

Courses conducted jointly by two or more faculties that address interdisciplinary topics are a special feature of the Academy's programme. We highlight these events with a special logo providing information on the cooperating faculties.

Multiple-phase further training programmes:

These work-based further training modules comprise several phases of classroom training at the Academy that build on one another and in general cannot be attended individually. In the time between two courses, participants have the possibility of exploring and reflecting the contents and methods learnt. The multiple-phase courses are highlighted in the printed programme with a light grid in the colour of the relevant faculty.


These special multiple-phase further training programmes build on basic courses and require additional work such as e.g. implementing a practical project or writing a final thesis. The qualifications are part of a modular system of several years in the respective faculty and are completed with a certificate or an ARS diploma.

The following qualifications can be obtained at the Academy of Arts Education:

  • music and rhythm, music and PE educator (ARS)
  • dance instruction diploma (ARS)
  • theatre education diploma (ARS) / theatre educator (BUT)
  • literature education (ARS)
  • arts educator, works educator, media educator (ARS)
  • systematic counselling (ARS/DGSF)
  • coach (DGfC)
  • qualification as master coach (DGfC)

Individual counseling and services

In addition to its further training programme, the Academy of Arts Education offers advisory services, team service, on-site coaching and in-house seminars to associations, organisations and institutions interested. Topics, dates and conditions are subject to individual agreement. Parties interested are kindly requested to contact the respective trainers directly.