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Knowledge Platform "Arts Education online"

The Wissensplattform für Kulturelle Bildung Online (Knowledge platform for arts education online) is a project sponsored by the Academy of Arts Education, the Bundesakademie für Kulturelle Bildung Wolfenbüttel, the Federal Association of Cultural Youth Education as well as the Foundation University Hildesheim. The Federal Government’s commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM) sponsors www.kubi-online.de. The State Minister for Culture and Media, Prof. Monika Grütters, supports the knowledge platform as “a scientific contribution to manifest qualitative standards.“

Grütters said, “I would like to thank all parties involved for the great professionalism and dedi-cation with which they developed and implemented the concept for this project, contributing to scientific understanding on quality standards in arts, culture and education. This way, they have given culture as a link of our living together a solid foundation."

Kulturelle Bildung Online is the digital sequel to the first "Handbuch Kulturelle Bildung" (handbook for arts education), edited by Hildegard Bockhorst, Vanessa-Isabelle Reinwand and Wolfgang Zacharias in 2012. For the first time, this arts education manual systematically compiled 176 contributions from 181 authors who provided a comprehensive overview of arts education theory and practice (cf. the foreword written by the former Cultural Secretary Bernd Neumann, the foreword by Gerd Taube, and the introduction by the editors. All contents of the arts education manual have been available free of charge under www.kubi-online.de since the end of 2013.

Since January 2014, the knowledge platform, with editorial support, has been further exploring the “Arts Education Universe“ under the headings of theory, practice, research and debate. Compared with printed publications, the headings of research and debate provide additional approaches and are currently being constructed. For instance, the research heading has been restructured; it now includes categories such as fundamental research/theorising processes, his-torical research, process research, effects and transfer, research on culture users, institutions, international research, evaluation and quality research, meta studies and discussion of methods, qualification work and research in progress. The latter gives young scientists the opportunity to provide insight into their research and present it for discussion. The debate heading is the designated platform to challenge relevant social policy issues and challenges, and to have a debate on controversial issues as well. The aspects and perspectives contributed under the debate heading should be regularly translated into new essays.

The platform is directed at a professional public of arts education theoreticians and practitioners, students and scientists. An advisory committee ensures the quality of the platform’s content.